Applications Management

An application is an external system that can use Agate as a central authentication system. Once an application is registered in agate, it can use its credentials (name and key) to connect with agate. See also Application domain documentation.

When Agate delegates the authentication to an external Open ID Connect Realm or when using OAuth2 service (see OAuth2 Introduction), the redirect URI must be set so that Agate performs the redirect to a known application after successful authentication. Wildcard * can be used in this configured redirect URI.

The application pages are: the list of applications page and application view and edit pages.


Users with agate-administrator role can access these pages.


Add an application

Creates a new application that can access agate with the defined name and key. The application name has to be unique in agate.

Edit an application

Edits an application’s properties. The name can not be changed.

Delete an application

An application can be deleted only if there are no groups or users associated with it.