Users Management

The user pages are: the list of users page, the list of users requesting to join page, and user view and edit pages. See also User domain documentation.


Users with the agate-administrator role have access to these pages.


Add a user

Agate administrators can create users. The “General information” section contains system defined properties as well as configured attributes defined by the administrator. The “Access” section contains information related to the Role in agate, Groups and Applications for the user. Some user specific attributes can be defined too.

Edit a user

All the information for a user but his user name can be edited.

Delete a user

A user can be deleted.

Reset a user’s password

Click the reset password button to send the user, an email with details on how to reset his password.

Approve/Reject a user request

User requests can be approved or rejected. When a user sends a request, it is created with a status pending. If the request is rejected the user is removed, otherwise his status becomes approved.