Add Group

Add a new group.

agate add-group <CREDENTIALS> [OPTIONS] [EXTRA]


Authentication is done by username/password credentials.

Option Description
--agate AGATE, -ag AGATE Agate server base url.
--user USER, -u USER User name. User with appropriate permissions is expected depending of the REST resource requested.
--password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD User password.


Option Description
--name NAME The group name, required and unique.
--description DESCRIPTION The description of the group, optional.
--applications [APPLICATIONS [APPLICATIONS ...]] The applications in which the users members of the group can sign-in, space separated.


Option Description
-h, --help Show the command help’s message
--verbose, -v Verbose output


Add a new group.

agate add-group -ag http://localhost:8081 -u administrator -p password --name researchers --applications mica